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Motor controller PWM DC motor governor 9V12V24V36V48V60V switch

RM 18.00

Input voltage: DC9-60V Output voltage: linear under load

Output current: 0-20A (within 10A for long-term use, pay attention to maintaining smooth heat dissipation conditions of the module)

Maximum power: 1200W

Speed adjustment type: PWM adjustment Speed adjustment method: potentiometer (linear)

Speed adjustment range: 0—Control frequency: 25KHZ

Module size: 92MM*52MM*36MM Product net weight: 130 grams

According to the installation size: the center distance of the fixing holes on the back is 104MM

Potentiometer installation opening: 7MM

special reminder:

The DC motor speed regulator is connected to the DC power supply.

Never connect it directly to household 220V AC power.

Note that this is not a power module and must be connected to a motor to adjust the speed. The multimeter output will not change if the motor is not connected.

  The motor can be connected regardless of whether it is positive or negative. When the running direction is inconsistent with expectations, the direction can be changed by adjusting the line sequence.

1. This speed regulator is used for DC brush motors.

2. It is not suitable for speed regulation of brushless DC motors; nor can it be used as a voltage regulator or voltage stabilizer!


Safety Precautions:

Always follow proper electrical safety practices and guidelines while using the parts.

Note: The product description provided here is for illustrative purposes only. For the most accurate and detailed product information, please refer to the manufacturer's product specifications and documentation.

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