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HX711 Weighing Pressure Sensor 006-1

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HX711 Weighing Pressure Sensor 006-1 is an electronic scale module, whose working principle is to convert the measured changes in resistance value changes, through the conversion circuit into electrical output. The module communicates with the host computer through TTL 232. 


Simple structure, easy to use, stable and reliable performance, high sensitivity and measurement speed and so on. 


Widely used in aerospace, mechanical, electrical, chemical, construction, medicine and many other fields, used to measure force, pressure, displacement, strain, torque, acceleration. 


Differential input voltage: ±40mV(Full-scale differential input voltage is ± 40mV) 

Data accuracy: 24 bit (24 bit A / D converter chip.) 

Refresh frequency: 80 Hz 

Operating Voltage : 5V DC 

Operating current : <10 mA Size:38mm*21mm*10mm 

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You might need: 

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