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Electrolytic capacitor 10v/16v/25v/ 35v/50v

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Electrolytic capacitor 10v/16v/25v/ 35v/50v/63v/100v
Lead type: lead type
Shape: cylindrical
Allowable deviation: ±20%
Capacity: 1UF/2.2UF/3.3UF/4.7UF/6.8UF/10UF/22UF/47UF/68UF/100uF/220UF/330UF/470UF/680UF/820UF/1000UF/2200UF/3300UF/4700UF/6800UF
Withstand voltage: 6.3V/10V/16V/25V/35V/50V/63V/80V/100V/160V/200V/250V
Product size: 5*7mm/6.3*11mm/8*12mm/10*13mm/10*20mm/13*25mm/16*25mm/18*30mm
Product use: Mainly used for LED power supplies, smart homes, switching power supplies, computer motherboards, car inverters, power adapters, DC converters, smart power strips, security monitoring power supplies, electric vehicle controllers, industrial routers, laser equipment, new energy Charging pile, etc.

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