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Online electronic components store in Malaysia

Please do not hesitate to send us your inquiry > email: sales@connectronics.com.my 

9514971 9432991     

 Multimeter tester    
 Soldering tools  

 9433149 9433381       

 Hardware tools& equipment   
  Wiring connectors 

9462327 9462567 

 Signal data & Audio Video   
 Cable lug & terminal

9463483 9467895       

 Wire-to-board connector   
  Wire to wire connectors  

 9468077 9468134     

 Push button switches   
  Rocker switches

 9468318 9468716   

 Toggle switches 
   Different type of switches

9469447 9477789    

  Hook up wire power cord  
  Wire management accessories

9477946 9478039

  Audio video cable
 Data signal cable

9481151  41063436

  Fan accessories
 Active components

9481501  9509070


9481715 9484872

  Diodes rectifiers
  Fuse accessories

9585719 9508088

  Led optoelectronics

9508650 9508863


9509238 9432916

 Pcb board accessories
 Battery accessories

9515084 9515246

 Power supply Transformer
 Arduino Modules

9626384 9515687

 Hobby Kits
 Sensors transducers and actuators

How to place order? 

There is 2 methods:

Method 1-Direct place order at our Shopee store. (No invoice)

Method 2-Send us the items list or bom list, we will prepare the quotation. (with official invoice)

Flexible shipping methods, or free shipping if order above RM200.00 in peninsula. 

Discounted price for bulky orders.